Underwater Clos de Chillon

After several years of experimenting, culminating in submersion in the depths of Lake Geneva, Chillon Castle Foundation and Badoux Vins joined forces on a unique Clos de Chillon project, followed by the launch of a wine preservation project in Lake Geneva in 2010: the Underwater Clos de Chillon.

What is the Underwater Clos de Chillon?

The Underwater Clos de Chillon is tucked away in bottles inside a cage plunged into the depths of Lake Geneva and suspended on a 30-metre cable at the foot of the castle. This bacchanalian treasure is preserved in water to help it mature perfectly. The 100% humidity, constant temperature of 12°C-13°C and complete darkness in the lake make it the ideal conditions for preserving wine, especially chasselas, which really thrives in this aquatic environment. The bottles are filled right to the top, with no air gap. Stopped with a cork and stamped with Clos de Chillon branding, each bottle retains its own unique identity, long after the water washes away the label. The bottle top is coated with wax to give the tipple maximum protection.

Following several tests, 350 bottles were successfully submerged in an initial bottling ceremony in 2014. In 2017 another 1,000 bottles of the 2015 Clos de Chillon Cuvée – which completely sold out in advance pre-sales – were placed into the water. Brought to the surface in 2020, these bottles were aged for three years in the lake before coming up for air.

This preservation technique gives these bottles an added bonus touch, much to the delight of their buyers!

Chillon Castle Foundation and Badoux Vins are considering running another edition of the Underwater Clos de Chillon in future.

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