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The Foundation

Chillon Castle Foundation is a private entity founded in 2002 to oversee the operations and conservation, and hence restoration work, of this historical monument that is the property of the Canton of Vaud (cf. decree issued on 30 June 2010).

Chillon Castle is a jewel of global and Swiss architectural heritage. The building, which is internationally renowned and holds significant patrimonial and cultural value, doubles as a highly popular tourist attraction.

All operations, events and services carried out and implemented in or around the monument are aligned with this identity. Said operations contribute to preserving and showcasing the site in its entirety while also generating the necessary financial resources to meet the Foundation’s objectives.

Chillon Castle inspires, entertains and piques people’s curiosity, while fulfilling its role as an historic monument built to stand the test of time. Its core values are:

Tradition, Prestige, Quality

See previous annual reports: 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

Foundation Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees works in close collaboration with the castle management team as well as the Technical Commission. It can consist of between seven and thirteen members and is overseen by three to five Chief Officers, including the President and the Treasurer.

Anne-Catherine Lyon

Former State Councillor for Belmont-sur-Lausanne President

Laurent Wehrli

Swiss National Councillor for Glion Treasurer

Danielle Chaperon

Professor of Literature, specialist in Dramaturgy and History of Theatre, Lausanne

Christine Chevalley

Mayor and member of Swiss Parliament for Veytaux

Olivier Gfeller

Mayor of Montreux

Corinne Ingold

Mayor of Villeneuve

Vincent Grandjean

Chancellor for the Canton of Vaud

Nicole Minder

Former head of the Department of Cultural Affairs for the Canton of Vaud (SERAC), Lausanne

Florence Siegrist

Regional Prefect for Riviera-Pays d'Enhaut

Sandra Laydu Molinari

Notary, Montreux

Anne Dupraz

Architect EPFL-SIA, Lausanne

Rachel Perroud

Regional SME client manager at BCV, Vevey

François Cardinaux

President of the Circle of Friends of Chillon, Vevey

The Team

In peak season, Chillon Castle Foundation employs around 75 people (equivalent to 32 full-time positions) in the following roles: security and maintenance officers, reception and sales staff (bookings, ticket office and shops), guides, cultural mediation officers, museographers, and administrative (secretarial, marketing and communications, HR) and accounting staff.

The Chillon team is made up of 16 nationalities.

General management of Chillon Castle Foundation is overseen by the castle director. With the support of her subordinate, she manages castle operations and preservation of the site, and is also responsible for developing, devising and implementing strategy.

Marta Sofia dos Santos


Noémie Enz

Director of cultural programming

Yannick Klein

Director or Marketing, Communication and Sales

Philia Hery

Human Resources Manager

Anne-Sophie Marchal

Public Relations and Cultural Mediation Manager

Lauria Sager

Assistant Public Relations and Cultural Mediation Manager

Jessica Decosterd

Ticket Office and Reservation Manager

Lucie Borer

Marketing Manager

Natsuka Huber

Museum Shop and Bazaar Manager

Valérie Frehner

Assistant Museum Shop and Bazaar Manager

Numa Rullier

Surveillance, Security and Maintenance Manager






Technical Commission

The Technical Commission is made up of five members and is presided over by a representative from the Buildings Department for the Canton of Vaud. The Commission is tasked with preserving the castle. The castle director and the architect appointed by the Board attend Commission meetings.

Petra Jossen

Project manager, architect President

Danielle Chaperon

Professor of Literature, specialist in Dramaturgy and History of Theatre

Nicolas Delachaux

Architect at Boujol & Delachaux S.A.

Bernard Zumthor

Architect and federal expert

Antoine Graf

Architect at Graf & Rouault Architectes Head architect to Chillon Castle Foundation

Marta Sofia dos Santos

Chillon Castle Foundation Director



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