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Information and rules to follow

We kindly ask visitors respect Chillon Castle Foundation’s visitor rules and regulations.

General terms and conditions of sale for online ticketing

We kindly ask visitors respect Chillon Castle general terms and conditions of sale for online ticketing.

Website privacy policy

We take your data protection and privacy seriously. That’s why we have put together this privacy policy, which explains how we process your data when you browse our website ( and use its features (e.g. our online ticket service or when you make a donation). For more informations, clic here.

Photography and filming

Professional photography, filming (including drones) and recordings for radio and television broadcasts are subject to certain rules and must be authorised in advance by Chillon Castle management. Forms requesting permission for amateur and professional filming must be filled out and sent to Requests must be received in writing at least two months in advance.


Since March 2011, commercial use of the French name ‘Château de Chillon™’ and two of the castle’s viewpoints has been trademarked. This is a means for the most visited monument in Switzerland to protect its name and image from misuse. Chillon Castle wanted sole rights to use the aforementioned so it registered trademarks with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property on the French name ‘CHATEAU DE CHILLON™’ as well as on any graphical representation of the castle viewed from two different angles (from Montreux and from Villeneuve). These three trademarks were established in partnership with Tradamarca, a specialist agency in Lausanne which handled the registration procedure.

This is the first time the intellectual property rights to an historic monument have been trademarked and this protection gives Chillon Castle Foundation exclusive usage rights over a wide range of products and services. What’s more, the three registered trademarks have catapulted the castle into the legal sphere of special events, by allowing the Foundation to specifically authorise its partners to ‘associate their identity or that of their products with the values of originality, prestige and history linked to a unique site and building known throughout the world’ (Swissreg). A formal request must be made to the management team for any commercial use of Chillon Castle’s image. Please see the ‘Photography and filming’ section above for any questions concerning filming permission.

Contact: lise.leyvrazdorier(at)

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