Immersion and making of in the workshop of Riex

As a preview dive in a video into a part of Caroline Tschumi’s universe! The Swiss artist will be exhibiting her works at Chillon Castle from 9 September 2022 to 19 February 2023.

Behind the scenes of the contemporary art exhibition, the Vaud-based draughtswoman reveals part of the making of her 12 portraits of countesses and duchesses of Savoy, giving the final touch to Beatrice of Portugal. Generous and spontaneous in her production and in the sharing of her ideas and techniques, Caroline Tschumi answers with sincerity to a making-of interview in the heart of her studio.

In this commission, the Chillon Castle Foundation invites the artist to reinterpret, through her colourful, magical and striking universe, the portrait of aristocratic women who were part of the House of Savoy at the end of the Middle Ages and to draw inspiration from the monument, its political and artistic history and its landscape.

Find the catalog of the exhibition with the point of view of specialists as well as historical references.


Portrait of the artist Caroline Tschumi

Caroline Tschumi (1983, Swiss) is an artist who lives and works in Riex.

After graduating in Visual Arts with honours from the Geneva School of Art and Design HEAD-Geneva in 2009, she obtained a Master in Contemporary Art Practices WORKMASTER in 2018.

Her work is mainly based on a regular activity of drawing and painting, creating a dreamlike and phantasmagorical mythology where figures, imagined and imaginary situations, as well as more or less recognizable characters come together. Since 2019, she has added to her practice that of installation (The voice within, Smallville Space, Neuchâtel) as well as that of sound and musical creation (Péplum, 2020, Abstract, Lausanne).

In 2020, she joined two Swiss museum collections, the Mamco in Geneva and the Musée Jenisch in Vevey. In 2021, she participated in the group exhibition Winter Garden #1 How can one be (from the next village) Persian (Martian)? at the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne MCBA. In the same year, she was invited by the Mamco to hold a solo exhibition of notebooks and drawings in the museum’s graphic art cabinet. The period represented in the exhibition covers more than the last ten years of the artist’s practice. At La Ferme de la Chapelle in Grand-Lancy, Geneva, the artist decodes pregnancies and childbirth in “Mothership”.

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