Exploring the arts at Chillon Castle – Leah Linh talks about her exclusive guided tours

The artist Leah Linh is leading guided tours of the exhibition dedicated to her at Chillon: “Leah Linh: Fortunes and reflections in the era of Peter II of Savoy”.

On 28 January, 17 March and 14 April 2024, from 2 to 3.30pm, she will present her creative process and share the intimate story behind each work that comes to life in the majestic rooms of the castle.

In the following interview, she explains how she is preparing for the event.

Leah Linh sets up her exhibition in Chillon

How do you design the tours you will be leading?

I like to create a journey through time, passing through various stages in the life of Peter II, all while presenting a contemporary art exhibition.

Where would you like to place the focus?

I’d like to place the focus not only on interpreting Peter II of Savoy’s story, but also on my artistic approach to illustrating this theme.

As an artist, are you not worried you might overly influence visitors’ thoughts by providing a commentary on your own work?

It’s a challenge not to fall foul of your ego, but I also think that it’s part of an artist’s job to know how to present your work and see it as a bridge between your imagination and the gaze of others. Once the work is on display, it no longer belongs to you. I try to comment on my pieces in a way that leaves them open to interpretation.

It’s a real gift for me when someone connects with one of my pieces on an emotional level.

Detail of one of Leah Linh’s works exhibited at Chillon

Are there any pitfalls you would like to avoid? 

I would like to and hope to avoid a boring monologue, for my own sake and that of the visitors.

A guided tour is an exchange, where you give and receive. What are you hoping to get out of visitors?

I would like to hear how they perceive the pieces. It’s so rewarding to hear different readings and discuss different interpretations and feelings, even critiques as long as they’re constructive!

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