Works by Daniel Frank

Magic Mountains – Work by Daniel Frank

From September 1, 2016 to January 8, 2017

Daniel Frank has worked in all pictorial genres from the human face, nudes, indoor scenes and urban landscapes. However, since 2008 he has become increasingly interested in representing Nature and the mountains, the latter now being one of his preferred subjects. A generous dose of daring was needed to tackle this Swiss scenery par excellence, part of the country’s heritage and identity.

The artist, born in 1968, has origins both from Zurich and from Grisons or Graubunden. He studied at the Ecole cantonal d’art (Vaud Cantonal School of Art) in Lausanne, where he currently resides after living many years in places such as Jamaica, Brooklyn in the USA, Cairo in Egypt and Venice, Italy.

There is no use trying to identify the mountains Daniel Frank paints, although the peaks near his childhood village are part of his make-up. Here, they are more poetic visions, dreamscapes, seen through the almost unreal mist of dawn when daybreak colours the peaks pink, or at twilight when the mountain takes on varying shades of purple before finally retreating into the dark. Daniel Frank paints them pure, undamaged, inviolate, in their own sacred dimension once more.

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