Christine Sefolosha

Christine Sefolosha – Casting off

From August 29 to November 24, 2019

From 29 August, the heart of the fortress will be decorated with fantasy canvases, mysterious vessels, and bright and shady creatures alike. Famous regional artist, Christine Sefolosha, will be exhibiting her contemporary pieces throughout the world, “Casting off” from Chillon Castle until 24 November.

Following Kyoto, Paris, Karlsruhe and New York, Montreux-born artist Christine Sefolosha (1955) has been invited to present around 20 works at Chillon Castle, an entire fleet of vessels for the exhibition ‘Casting off’.

Like many other artists, Christine Sefolosha immersed herself in Chillon Castle, its history and surrounding landscape. In Lutry, in the workshop of specialist monumental printer, Raymond Meyer, Christine Sefolosha brought a series of monotypes inspired by Chillon to life. Monotypes are unique works, prints obtained by transferring ink from an ephemeral surface.

‘Casting off’ will literally inhabit Chillon Castle, invading various locations in the famous, historical monument. Christine Sefolosha’s works will unleash a delicate, dreamlike world on the various rooms of the castle. Visitors are invited to pass through these haunted premises and enter into the artist’s world along two itineraries, one of which is especially designed for families with children.

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