Leah Linh’s exhibition poster in Chillon Castle

Leah Linh revisits history in the era of Peter II of Savoy at Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle Foundation unveils first piece by Leah Linh, chosen as the poster for the upcoming one-of-a-kind contemporary art exhibition: Leah Linh – Fortunes and reflections in the era of Peter II of Savoy. The exhibition by Vaud-based artist, Leah Linh (*2000), will be running from 14 September 2023 to 14 April 2024. It pays homage to the prince who made his mark on the history of the castle through 12 gold-leaf artworks.

Leah Linh, a self-taught young artist, exhibited her first painting in Lausanne at the age of 10. Since then, she has continued to hone her craft and now regularly exhibits her work in Switzerland and beyond. Linh has a truly remarkable mastery of gilding and a unique way of playing with light. Her work is loaded with pathos, hidden meanings and erudite references that fuse both her western and Asian cultures.

For this exhibition, commissioned by the Foundation, Leah Linh has created a selection of exclusive pieces inspired by the life and works of Peter II, Count of Savoy (1203-1268), nicknamed ‘Little Charlemagne’. This iconic prince left a lasting legacy on Chillon Castle’s defensive architecture. He also strengthened the Savoy dynasty through expansive political moves and marriages.

The Foundation is now pleased to unveil the exhibition poster, which introduces both Leah Linh’s work and its subject, depicting the count’s dark, metallic armour, with his helmet at his feet. The golden background highlights Peter II’s majesty and power, and the light he brought to the history of the castle.

In addition to a major installation, the exhibition will include a collection of works in various media, such as sculpture, paintings and glasswork – a technique the artist introduced exclusively for this commission. The exhibition invites visitors to see a new side to Chillon Castle through the eyes of a talented, bold contemporary artist.

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