The areas open to the public include the rooms, halls and courtyards beyond the ticket office subject to payment of an entrance fee and to fixed opening and closing times.

These regulations in their entirety apply to visitors touring the castle individually or in groups, as well as:

1) individuals or groups authorised to use certain areas for meetings, receptions, conferences, concerts, artistic performances or various ceremonies;
2) any person not employed at the castle on the premises, even for professional reasons.

It is strictly forbidden to bring into the areas open to the public any objects which, due to their character or end-use might be a risk for the security and safety of persons or property, works of art and/or buildings, such as any type whatsoever of arms or weapons, munitions, tools (cutters, screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, pliers, clippers, etc.), knives, razors, baseball bats, excessively heavy, cumbersome or smelly objects, or any type of explosive, flammable or volatile substance.

Certain rooms or halls being temporarily closed shall not entitle visitors to any reimbursement of the entrance ticket.

Prams, pushchairs and/or strollers are forbidden on the tour of the castle visit.

Only official Castle of Chillon guides are authorised to act as guides in the castle.

Any infraction of these provisions observed during inspection or monitoring of the areas open to the public entitles the Management to alert the police or security forces.

Visitors are required to comply with the warnings and/or orders of Chillon Castle administration and security staff at all times.



Chillon Castle is an historical monument and it is under video surveillance. Respecting some basic rules will enable all visitors to enjoy it in optimal conditions whilst preserving the heritage site for future generations.

Visitors are required to behave in a correct manner towards the staff as well as towards other visitors.

The following regulations must be respected:

    Smoking (with electronic cigarettes too) is absolutely forbidden in the castle, both inside the buildings and in the courtyards. It is a museum and therefore a public area.
    It is forbidden to enter the castle in bathing suits, without a shirt or t-shirt, or dressed in any manner that might be disruptive to the public.
    It is forbidden to walk barefoot within the castle premises.
    Running in the rooms, halls or courtyards is not permitted.
    No eating and/or drinking is allowed other than in the areas specified.
    Animals are not accepted except guide-dogs for the blind.
    Writing on or “tagging” walls and/or objects is strictly forbidden.
    Touching the wall-paintings, tapestries, furniture and weapons is not allowed. They can be damaged by the slightest touch.
    No seats or other furnishings may be moved without the permission of the administration and/or security staff.
    Crossing barriers or other provisions for limiting access of the public is forbidden.
    Children and under-age youngsters must not be left unsupervised.
    It is forbidden to litter by throwing paper or any other object on the ground or elsewhere, including sticking chewing gum on any surface whatsoever.

In addition, we ask visitors to speak softly and to refrain from using mobile phones within the castle, so that other visitors can experience the monument in the calm best suited to the visit.

We hope we need not point out that this is a medieval building and, as such, customary contemporary safety norms cannot always be applied. We therefore recommend that visitors pay particular attention to any obstacles, such as low door frames, steep and/or winding staircases, etc., that could be dangerous. Visitors are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of anyone in their care.



Visitor regulations permit taking photos in the halls with permanent collections under certain conditions:

The works in the halls with permanent collections may be photographed or filmed for the visitor’s private use. However, the use of a flash or any other kind of lighting is not allowed.

Professional photography, shooting films (UAV included), recording radio or television programmes are subject to special regulations and must be authorised in writing by the management of Chillon Castle beforehand. Authorisation for the above is accompanied by a list of specifications stipulating the conditions for the use of the site.

Any and all recording, filming or photography of the castle staff or of visitors to the castle also requires their agreement. Permission for all and any professional photography shooting, film shooting (including drones), radio and television programme filming is subject to special regulations and requires written authorisation in advance from Chillon Castle management. Requests must be received in writing at least two months prior to the filming or shooting.Chillon Castle declines any liability towards third-parties in the event of an infraction of this provision.

    Survey and/or petitions may not be done on the premises
    All and any kind of business, advertising, propaganda or soliciting activities are forbidden, as well as public gatherings or demonstrations.


Exceptional permission may be granted on educational or research grounds by making a written request to:

Chillon Castle Foundation
21, avenue de Chillon
CH – 1820 Veytaux


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    Temporarily closure until 30th April 2020. In line with guidance from the Swiss public health authority and Vaud Council, Chillon Castle is temporarily closed until end of April 2020. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding

    Admission fees
    Adult CHF 13.50
    Child 6-15 years CHF 7.00
    Family (2 adults with up to 5 children 6-15 years) CHF 35.00

    GROUPS (20 peolple min.)
    Admission fees
    Adult CHF 10.50
    Child 6-15 years CHF 6.00

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