Course d'école à Chillon Fondation du Château de Chillon

Didactic files

Designed in collaboration with Ecole-Musée

Two didactic files are available for teachers to help prepare a structured in-depth vist for their classes.

Chillon Castle didactic file

"Behind the walls. Life in a castle during the Savoy period"

This didactic file based on the Mediaval period, offers activities to prepare the visit to the castle, provide the students with a mission during their excursion and to prolong their classroom experience around topics such as the architecture of a fortified castlesur or the daily life of the Middle Ages.

It is available in French and German.

"From castle to castle" didactic file

Discover 11 Vaudois castles in this didactic file, which be of particular interest to Geography and History teachers, as it will enable them to look at castles based on their geographical location, the conditions under which they were built, their diversity of functions and architectural and structural development and/or changes.