Guide fontaine


The “workshop” tour is led by a guide in costume representing a character from the Middle Âges.

The school-children will be taken back into the castle’s history by using their five senses.

The tour is designed to be fun and participative. Classes will discover the different aspects of the chosen topic through objects they can handle, images to look at, odors to smell, fabrics they can touch, etc...

There are two topics to choose from:

- Everyday life in the Middle Ages
- Building and defending a fortress

Designed to complement the official school programme and with the collaboration of local or HEP History teachers, this attractive offer proposes a ready-made solution for teachers and will be adapted to the age of the participants (1st to 9th Harmos). It is ideal for small classes and particularly adapted for the programme of 6th and 7th Harmos classes.

Per group: max. 15 participants

The guided tour is 1 hour long.

Available in 3 languages: French, English, German

A small area with vending machines is at your disposal for refreshments. In the Savoy Garden there is a small food and drinks stand where you can buy drinks, ice cream and sandwiches. You can also enjoy your picnic on the beach next to the castle and even swim. There are toilets and showers available.

In the event of bad weather, we suggest the covered market in Montreux as a picnic venue.

Please do not picnic within the castle itself.

Teachers must accompany their students at all times; the children/students are totally under their responsibility.

To protect our historical monument and assure optimal conditions for all visitors, we kindly ask that you:

Leave all backpacks in the lockers in the refreshment area.
Stay together: the children/students should never be alone.
Not run inside the castle
Be as quiet as possible and avoid noise (including radios, mobile phones and any other device).
Do not write anywhere in the monument.
Do not touch artefacts on display.
Use the rubbish bins provided.
Respect the other visitors in the castle.