Sceau équestre (inversé) d'Amédée V
Petit salon, salle n°20 de Chillon
Relevé du graffiti dit du chevalier savoyard, Atelier Ciel & Terre Alain Besse
Plan du petit salon, salle n°20 de Chillon

Item of May

Graffiti known as the "Savoyard Knight".
The small living room at the heart of the lordly apartments (Room 20) is home to the castle’s oldest chimney, built in 1336. It also contains an old wall coating, which was mostly covered with medieval graffiti. The “Savoyard knight” design was engraved by a steady hand, at chest height on the southern wall.

The clearly defined graffiti enables a very precise description of the knight, fully clothed in armour, riding a rearing horse. He is wearing a helm, a hauberk covered in chain mail, greaves and sollerets fitted with spurs. He firmly grips a lance in his right hand and a shield covers his left shoulder.
His mount is heavily dressed. The rump cover bears the Savoy coat of arms – a white cross on a red background. The Counts, and later Dukes, of Savoy were the Lords of Chillon from at least 1150 to 1536.
Stylistic cross-checking dates this graffiti back to the beginning of the 14th century. Furthermore, it is not an original creation, but instead a pictorial remake of the equestrian seal of Count Amadeus V, Lord of Chillon from 1285 to 1323. Nevertheless, the engraving presents some changes to the original: the horse is no longer galloping but is instead on its hind legs, while the knight, instead of a bearing a sword in his left hand here holds a long pike. Hence, what the composition lacks in panache, it makes up for in its stately demeanour, employing balanced shapes.

Graffiti known as the "Savoyard knight"
Incision on wall coating

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