Birthdays - Prices and Reservations

Basic package (2 adults and 10 children) is CHF 330.00, VAT 7.7% incl.

Each additional adult (2 maximum): CHF 12.50.

The price includes:

•Entry tickets to the castle
•Theme activity of your choice, duration 45 minutes
•Birthday present for the birthday child
•Small gift for each guest
•Room or garden reservation for the birthday feast
•Beverages (fruit juice and sodas of your choice)

NB: The birthday cake is not included in the package. You bring it with you!

•Our offer is for children between 7 and 12 years old, including the birthday child and his/her friends, siblings too.
•We accept groups of 10 children maximum, including the birthday child and his/her siblings.
•Two adults minimum must accompany them. The children are under their responsibility.
•The feast is completely organised by us (decoration of the room, table setting, gifts and chilled drinks).All you need to bring is the cake!
•We recommend you reserve at least one month in advance. If your chosen date is not available, we will get back to yoyu suggesting another date.
•Once the reservation has been confirmed, the party hostess will get in touch with you to explain the details of the party activities and answer any questions or requests.
•Cancelation: less than 48 hours before the event, CHF 330.00.

In writing, with the reservation form.

Warning! Birthday parties cannot be organised during special events such as Museums Night, Scary Night at the Castle or Christmas – Medieval style (first three weekends in December). Thank you for your understanding.